Friday, September 24, 2010

Michelle Obama Hosts UN First Spouses at Working Farm

First lady Michelle Obama and other U.N. spouses tour a working farm. By Hiroko Masuike, Getty Images

First lady Michelle Obama underscored her healthy eating project today by giving U.N. spouses a tour of a working farm near New York City, and giving them nature-themed gifts.

The spouses also learned about children's programs at Stone Barns Center, which is north of New York City.

"It is an example of what can be done with local businesses, local farms and neighborhood schools, of the kind of energy that comes from children having a hands-on experience on the farm," Mrs. Obama said at a luncheon. "And when they grow it and they touch it and they taste it, they believe in it more than anything that we could tell them."
 Courtesy: USAToday; The Oval. Click link for full post.