Thursday, July 1, 2010

Michelle Obama: Creating Her Own White House Style

White House chief floral designer Laura Dowling. (Post) 

Michelle Obama has Obama-ized the White House with healthful menus, planted bok choy and rhubarb to supply them and ramped up the fashion quotient with metallic strapless dresses and studded belts. Her latest style statement: official flowers in a looser "garden" style by Laura Dowling, the new White House chief floral designer.

She's created hundreds of arrangements, many in custom containers she's wrapped in birch bark, moss and dried apricots. The more relaxed, sometimes unexpected look incorporates armloads of romantic blooms, trailing vines, shaggy ferns and the occasional hot pepper and Brussels sprout. "It's my job to create a new signature style," said Dowling.

Courtesy: Federal Eye: The Washington Post. Click link below for full post.

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