Saturday, April 24, 2010

President Obama Played Golf Today on Second Day of Get-a-Way Vacation

The President got in 18 holes of golf today, the second day of this get-a-way vacation. As usual there is a pool reporter giving us updates. Courtesy: The Huffington Post -- Pool Reporter:

Potus finished playing 18 holes of golf at 12:54 pm, nearly 5 1/2
hours after teeing off.
One glimpse of the foursome as they played what appears to be a par
4. A witness said potus waved to a group of hotel guests watching his
tee shot from a glassed-in lounge above the course.
As the long convoy of golf carts made it's way to the green (well
protected by bunkers), guests clad in blue bathrobes emerged from the
nearby spa to get a look.
Weather cooperated during the president's round, though skies are
still overcast.
We're now holding in hotel, awaiting word of next activity.

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