Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Michelle's Brother Penns "A Game of Character"

Craig Robinson, Michelle Obama's brother, has penned a book containing hilarious and heartwarming anecdotes about his family, the L.A. Times reports, including his recollection of the first time the Robinsons met Barack. Spoiler: they didn't think he stood much of a chance with Michelle.

A Game of Character will hit bookshelves on April 20.

He and his parents were out on their porch on a hot summer night in Chicago when the couple stopped by to say hello on their way to a movie.

"Well, he's tall," Marian Robinson said while Obama was out of earshot.

"Not a bad-looking guy, either," said her husband, Fraser.

But even though the suitor struck the Robinsons as a self-possessed man with a nice smile and firm handshake, they figured he wasn't a keeper. "Too bad," Marian said. "Yep," Fraser answered. "She'll eat him alive."

Courtesy: The Huffington Post. Click link for full post.