Saturday, April 10, 2010

Michelle Obama Describes Living in the White House

Photo: Michelle Obama (WUSA)

First Lady Michelle Obama gave a one-on-one interview with WUSA's Anita Brikman, and spoke about what she (Michelle Obama) does to "keep it real."

Mrs. Obama explained how she tries to keep the girls on a normal schedule - even though their father is President of the United States.

The Obamas are involved parents who rejoice in their daughters' accomplishments and try to keep their lives humming along regardless of what's happening in the nation, or around the world.

"Our calendar starts with the school year calendar, when are the parent teacher conferences, when are the big plays, when are the soccer tournaments," Mrs. Obama says. "That is easier for me more so then for the president. I mean if he has to get on a plane and go to Afghanistan, he might miss the soccer game." Click link below for full article from WUSA's Anita Brikman.

Or click link below to watch the interview.