Sunday, January 31, 2010

POTUS Takes in a Game

The President attended the Georgetown vs. Duke basketball game yesterday. Apparently, it was also bring-your-son-to-the-office-outing day. Both Robert Gibbs and Rahm Emanuel showed up with their sons. Shortly after kick-off, VPOTUS appeared from behind the stands. He strode right up to the court and sat beside POTUS. He wore the collar of his sports coat up, giving him a decidedly European look. His son, Hunter, was also in tow. Also seated with POTUS was David Axelrod. Reggie Love was in attendance but not sitting with POTUS. During second half of the basketball game, POTUS moved halfway down the court to sit with the announcers for a little commentary on the game. He was welcomed and asked about his love of the game. POTUS lamented that with all his other duties, he "can't watch a full game, unfortunately." During the playoffs, however, he watches all the games. Charles Hurt of the New York Post filed two pool reports