Monday, January 25, 2010

Popular First Lady

President Obama may be struggling with sagging public approval ratings, but First Lady Michelle Obama is holding up pretty well.

Seven in 10 Americans surveyed hold a positive view of the first lady, the Pew Research Center has found -- a stronger approval than former first ladies Laura Bush and Hillary Rodham Clinton received during the first year of their husbands' terms in the White House.

"As she begins her second year as first lady, Michelle Obama has a higher personal favorable rating than her husband, and her image is more positive than that of her two predecessors in the White House,'' according to the Pew report, which was released today. In a November survey, 71% had a favorable opinion of Michelle Obama, 16% had an unfavorable view. By comparison, 65% held a favorable opinion of President Obama -- but job approval was another matter.

Courtesy: Post,Los Angeles Times/picture: