Friday, January 22, 2010

FLOTUS Visits the Commerce Department

First Lady Michelle Obama applauds as she is introduced prior to speaking at the Commerce Department on Thursday. (AP/Cliff Owen)

First Lady Michelle Obama made her 15th visit to a federal agency on the same day as the secretary's birthday, noted that they're both Capricorns and thanked his department's loosely affiliated bureaus for their varying missions.

"What you all do to spur innovation, support America's businesses, and keep our economy competitive is so very important," she said. "It's important at any time, but it is particularly critical during the tough economic times that this nation is facing right now."

As with her previous appearances, Obama shared the stage with long-serving department employees, including two that have served for half a decade; Joseph Matthew Antonucci,[NIST]50 years; Ollie Person,[PTO]50 years.

"I'm always excited to meet people who have worked at a place longer than I've been alive," said the 46-year-old Obama.

Courtesy: Washington Post:Ed O'Keefe