Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Lady Reflects on 2009 and Her Goals for 2010 -- Healthier Children

First lady Michelle Obama, left center, poses with Washington schoolchildren after their harvest of vegetables from the first lady's garden on lawn of the White House.

Alex Brandon/AP

In a Wednesday afternoon interview that informally marked the beginning of her second year in the White House, first lady Michelle Obama declared her intent in 2010 to lead the administration's efforts to tackle the epidemic of childhood obesity. With a combination of advocacy and outreach to businesses, nonprofit organizations and government officials, she intends to lead the nation in making children healthier.

"I want to leave something behind," she said. "I hope that will be in the area of childhood obesity." And if she has to go to Capitol Hill, lobby lawmakers and delve into policy, she will do it. She will begin her campaign by addressing the nation's mayors on the subject next week when they gather in Washington.

Photo Credit of Michelle Obama Courtesy The White House

Courtesy: Washington Post. Click link for full post from Washington Post