Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First Lady Announces Federal Spending for Military Support at Ladies Luncheon

First Lady Michelle Obama outlines military family support measures in the fiscal 2011 budget request to members of the Joint Armed Forces Officers Wives Club during its annual luncheon, Jan. 26, 2010 at Bolling Air Force Base, Washington, DC. DoD photo by Donna Miles

First lady Michelle Obama announced Tuesday an increase in federal spending for support programs, a 3 percent hike that raises federal investment to a record $8.8 billion for the 2011 budget.

"These are all major investments," Obama said to a lunch gathering of the Joint Armed Forces Officers Wives Club at Bolling Air Force Base. "And they are part of a larger commitment to care for our troops and their families even after the fighting ends."

The funding includes $1.3 billion to reduce shortages in military child care, an area that aides said the first lady was particularly interested in addressing.

Over the last year, she has been on a listening and learning tour, visiting military bases and talking with spouses. She has teamed up with Jill Biden on several events to highlight the struggles of military families. Aides said she took what she learned back to the president, vice president and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, and her aides sat in on budget meetings.

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