Thursday, December 31, 2009

President Visits Old Friend

No pictures please: This is as close as anyone got yesterday....beautiful ocean view!


After a relatively low-key day, President Obama left his borrowed Kailua vacation home Wednesday afternoon and took a scenic hour motorcade ride to the house of one of his close high school friends, Bobby Titcomb.

Obama is at Titcomb’s beachfront home with his family and friends, according to a pool report, and if his visit there last year over the holidays is any guide, he will be there for quite some time.

The first family stayed at Titcomb’s into the nighttime hours last time. Reporters did not see the president or any members of his family, as Obama’s black SUV went up the driveway and out of sight of the press pool.

The president passed Aloha Stadium, home of the NFL’s Pro-Bowl, Schofield Barracks and Dillingham Air his motorcade snaked over to the North Shore, around the lush Koolau Mountains and through central Oahu.

Courtesy: -- Politico 44