Friday, September 4, 2009

Honoring Grace: Michelle Obama

"There's probably no better example of democracy than a jazz ensemble." - Michelle Obama

"Michelle Obama's story is a great inspiration to me, and I was thrilled to be commissioned by the Jazz Institute of Chicago to honor her through music. The more I learn about Michelle, the more I understand that she's like a South Side friend from next door, who keeps opening doors in all our minds and lives by her very example. She is committed, community-oriented, and conscientious. Michelle Obama is a light on America's heart - she is the real deal. I want my composition, Honoring Grace, to shine with her effervescence, to celebrate her spirit of excellence, her warm ways, her style and craft.” - Nicole Mitchell

On September 1st, First Lady Michelle Obama was honored with a specially commissioned jazz composition dedicated to her accomplishments and the importance of her current role to women everywhere.

The world premiere of the composition by rising star composer and flutist Nicole Mitchell was performed at the gala at the Spertus Museum in Chicago.