Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 2 - Mink Meadows - Tree Gate (There Was a Witness)! Updated

President Barack Obama, center, laughs with trip director Marvin Nicholson, right in white shirt, and White House assistant chef Sam Kass, in orange shirt.

Day 2 of the Obama vacation. The President played golf again today. This time it was at Mink Meadows. The First Golfer played 9 holes at Mink Meadows. He will be happy to know the residents who live on the course were counting his strokes.

From The Swamp:

The first foursome played nine holes. According to a resident who saw the president play from the second fairway to the second hole, Obama yelled "Fore!" shortly before his ball hit a tree.

Still, the ball landed not far from the green, said Sally Fitzgerald, who lives next to the hole. Obama chipped it up with "a pretty good chip,'' and then, by her count, took three putts to sink it.

"But that's a tough green," Fitzgerald said. "It's a par four.''

(Photos of the first golfer at Mink Meadows above: Steven Senne / AP / and Alex Brandon / AP

No sighting of Michelle and the girls.